What do law students do if they can’t land a law firm job?

What do all the law students who don’t get a law firm job do in their lives?

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Here are some of my favourite answers:

  1. They go back to their home town and start practicing, slowly build up a reputation and a thriving practice.
  2. They join LPOs, in a few years reach a management role, enjoy a great career after that.
  3. They find a place with very less salary with a HC or SC lawyer, learn the ropes over the years and emerge as high flying, high earning lawyers.
  4. They work with NGOs and do great impactful work and enjoy a fulfilled life.
  5. They go into an academic career, do great research, land good scholarships to study abroad and help to close the gap between demand and supply of good teachers in Indian law schools
  6. They crack judicial services exams and become judges
  7. They start or work in a legal startup, learn practical skills and become useful professionals doing meaningful work
  8. They learn practical skills and become business consultants (check out Diploma in Business Laws for a few ideas)

9. They do MBA and change career track entirely and find work that they enjoy

The list could go on. Don’t give up too fast, too easily – there is a world of possibilities. Go out and explore instead of being fixated on law firms.

3 thoughts on “What do law students do if they can’t land a law firm job?”

  1. sir with due respect ..the article is titled as :"who do not get a law firm job" but that might not be true it's not that people who fail, only pursue these career options or that these options are considered only when one fails to land a law firm job. It is more about preferences and choices and dreams. And who better knows it than you.

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