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5 Things only an Insider knows about RMLNLU

Five things only Insiders know about RMLNLU.

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Lucknow is not only a city of Nawabs, Adabs, Kebabs and Pehle Aaps but also a foodie’s paradise, a modern-developing city with a traditional touch and most of all a city boasting of this venerated university known as Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University (RMLNLU). The grand and majestic infrastructure of RMLNLU and its rapidly emerging growth as one of the best law schools of the country is a fact known to all. However here are five things only insiders know about RMLNLU.

  1. A Perfect Mix and Balance:

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The crowd here in RMLNLU is a perfect mixture and balance of people from different culture, beliefs and habits all staying and studying together. On one hand you will find party animals dressed and decked up to go out and party while on the other you will find carefree, freewheeling students walking around in their pyjamas and chappals. You will find some studious nerds rushing with heaps of books to the library or to the teacher’s chambers for clarification of their doubts while you will see some others puffing on a cigarette in the corner. You will find few sitting or lying around the well pruned gardens, lost in a novel or busy capturing the charm of RML in their cameras while there are also some idlers lazing around in their hostel room. You will find groups of friends laughing and having a gala time in the spacious campus while you can also spot few love birds lost in each other’s company. You will spot people fluent and well versed in English while the command others have over Hindi will surely amaze you.

The same applies for the environment at RMLNLU. Life here is not an uphill battle but also not a piece of cake. You do have to work hard on the assignments and projects but you are not over burdened with it. After classes it is totally upon you as to how you would like to spend your time: revising your classes, researching in the library or if you wish to lighten up after a tiring day you can even go around hanging out with your friends.

  1. Constant support of Seniors:

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Seniors here at RMLNLU are not the clichéd rude and strict ones but are a constant support and a helpline. Their smiling faces make you feel belonged, and with their experience they are ever ready to help you pass this complicated maze of law school. Our ever growing strong alumni base is accredited to this adjuvant nature. Our alumni are excelling in all fields: litigation, corporate, civil services, judicial services, higher studies, and even social work.

  1. A Campus full of life:

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The RMLNLU campus always has some activity or the other going on. Sometimes you find the seniors briefing the juniors on mooting skills, telling them the nuances of debating or adjudication or an orientation for referencing style while somewhere you will find students lined up with their CV’s for getting inducted into various committees. There are various Grand Intras held by committees to select teams for inter-university events, special debating and mooting events for freshers, literary fests and multitude of cultural activities too. Everyone is busy with some task at hand or the other.

Best part is that there are always some celebrations going on: Be it Iftar party, Diwali party or Lohri celebrations, all are an excuse to jump over the good food and celebrate these festivals with great gusto. The VC himself hosts many such parties!

Therefore, there is always some way or the other you are guaranteed fun and jubilation


  1. Catering Needs of all types of people

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If you are into sports, we have various sports and other recreational facilities available which include a plush gym with high end modern equipments, football field, a basketball court, a multipurpose indoor sports complex, an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis and badminton courts. Apart from this we have intra university sports meet which is a sportsperson’s delight

If you are more of a savant and bookworm then the library has state-of-the-art facilities. Library houses a huge collection of legal materials, and provides access to numerous online services and internet sources which serves the needs of legal research. Apart from that it also has the latest periodicals, newspapers and popular novels required for an overall development.

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We also have a 3000 seater remarkable auditorium and a moot court hall which is the exact replica of Honourable Supreme Court of India! This incredible infrastructure will always make you feel proud to be a part of this institute

  1. A Dream Location


The location of the campus is such that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city providing us a peaceful, clean and green environment but also not so much in the outskirts that you consider it a secluded no man’s land . We have a stationery shop and an Amul outlet right inside the campus!

Moreover our campus is located quite near to both the railway station and the airport. Most of the eat out chains like Dominos, KFC and also a shopping mall with a PVR multiplex are at a walking distance.

So this is the insider’s perspective of RMLNLU. However this is just an introductory chapter. To read the whole book, you need to be a part of this warm and loving RMLNLU family.

The article is written by

Sunanda Singh Bisht

Batch of 2018 from RMLNLU


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